ARM TrustZone is widely deployed on commercial-off-the-shelf mobile devices
for secure execution. However, many Apps cannot enjoy this feature because it
brings many constraints to App developers. Previous works have been proposed to
build a secure execution environment for developers on top of TrustZone.
Unfortunately, these works are still not fully-fledged solutions for mobile
Apps, especially for emerging intelligent Apps. To this end, we propose LEAP,
which is a lightweight developer-friendly TEE solution for mobile Apps. LEAP
enables isolated codes to execute in parallel and access peripheral (e.g.,
mobile GPUs) with ease, flexibly manages system resources upon different
workloads, and offers the auto DevOps tool to help developers prepare the codes
running on it. We implement the LEAP prototype on the off-the-shelf ARM
platform and conduct extensive experiments on it. The experimental results show
that Apps can be adapted to run with LEAP easily and efficiently. Compared to
the state-of-the-art work along this research line, LEAP can achieve an average
3.57x speedup in supporting intelligent Apps using mobile GPU acceleration.

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