The rapid deployment of wireless technologies has given rise to the current
situation where mobile phones and other wireless devices have become essential
elements in all types of activities, including in the home. In particular,
smartphones and laptops are used for wirelessly sharing photos and documents,
playing games, browsing websites, and viewing multimedia, for example. This
work describes a proposal for both desktop and mobile applications that use
Identity-Based Cryptography (IBC) to protect communications between smart
wireless devices in the home. It combines the use of IBC for Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth communication, with the promising Near Field Communication (NFC)
technology for secure authentication. The proposed scheme involves NFC pairing
to establish as public key a piece of information linked to the device, such as
a phone number or an IP address. In this way, such information can be then used
in an IBC scheme for peer-to-peer communication. This is a work in progress,
but preliminary implementations of prototypes on several mobile platforms have
already produced promising results.

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