CVS Health is one of the largest businesses in the world, with the mission to be a technology innovator in providing frictionless health services to their millions of customers. How does a business of that scale, with a recent a massive acquisition (Aetna) and previous acquisition of Caremark, change the way it develops and delivers technology?

That is what I asked Roshan Navagamuwa, who joined CVS Health in 2012 and became CIO in 2019. To follow is an edited version of our interview.

Martha Heller: What is a capability that CVS Health has put into the market that exemplifies your approach to your customers’ experience?

Roshan Navagamuwa: We believe digital capabilities are key to the mission of making healthcare consumer centric. We want to make it easy for people to engage with us digitally while protecting their privacy and make it harder for bad actors. An example of how we’re doing this is through our next-generation authentication (NGA) solution that goes way beyond user IDs and passwords. There are characteristics that are unique to a given individual that this solution employs, and it can “step up” security by requiring additional validation steps if needed. It’s an example of our risk-based approach:  to start with what the desired experience should be and then solve technical and other problems in new ways to bring these experiences safely and securely to life.

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