BSides Columbus 2019 Video

These are the videos from the BSides Columbus Ohio conference. Thanks to Mitch &
Mike Spaulding for having me up and those who manned the video rigs such as
Cody, Matt, Dillon, Nick, Cole Chris and others whose name I can’t seem to
remember in my old age..


Morning Keynote Featuring Runa Sandvik
Runa Sandvik

Brian Contos

Scrapping for Pennies: How to implement security without a budget
Ryan Wisniewski

Check Your Privilege (Escalation)
Kate Broussard

Wow, it really is always DNS! Becoming a Part of the DDoS Problem ( on purpose
Cody Smith

Unix: The Other White Meat
Adam Compton and David Boyd

Puppet Masters: How Social Engineers Continue to Pull Our Strings
Erich Kron

E-ZHack: An Update on SDR and Toll Booth Reverse Engineering
Kyle Westhaus

Mobile App Vulnerabilities – The Bad, The Worse And The Ugly
Ray Kelly

Mixing and Baking a New AppSec Person
Bill Sempf

(Some Missing Audio)

How Online Dating Made Me Better at Threat Modeling
Isaiah Sarju

What On Earth Is Quantum Computing?!? (And will it break all my encryption?)
Craig Stuntz

Battling Magecart: The Risks of Third-Party Scripts
Kevin Gennuso

Ship Hacking: Data on the Open Seas
Brian Olson

Common Developer Crypto Mistakes (with illustrations in Java)
Kevin Wall

The Overlooked Cyber Security Risk: 3rd Party Risk Management
Rose Songer

The Path to IAM Maturity
Jerod Brennan

Assumed Breach Testing
Brendan O’Connor

API Security: Tokens, Flows and the Big Bad Wolf
Ingy Youssef

Demystifying DMARC: A guide to preventing email spoofing
Sean Whalen

Afternoon Keynote Featuring Craig Hoffman
Craig Hoffman

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