I had to transfer some images from my pc to my laptop. All the images were taken from a digital camera and transferred to my pc. I put all of them in a folder which I named “images”, and copied all of them into a flash drive. Plugged the usb into my laptop and copied the entire folder into my laptop’s hard disk.

Then I decided to delete the images folder from the flash drive. As soon I deleted it, it reappeared again but in the form of “images.exe”. Yes the folder somehow magically reappeared as an exe file. No matter how many times I deleted it, it reappeared again. Windows defender alerted me of ransomware, and I quarantined and removed it instantly. Then proceeded to perform a full scan using windows defender. The scan is running as I write this post.

I told this to my friend and he said to factory reset my laptop and pc. But the problem is that there is a ton of data on both of them, some of it is really important as well.

What should I do? I need some advice.

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