Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise grade permissioned distributed ledger
platform that offers modularity for a broad set of industry use cases. One
modular component is a pluggable ordering service that establishes consensus on
the order of transactions and batches them into blocks. However, as of the time
of this writing, there is no production grade Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (BFT)
ordering service for Fabric, with the latest version (v2.1) supporting only
Crash Fault-Tolerance (CFT). In our work, we address crucial aspects of BFT
integration into Fabric that were left unsolved in all prior works, making them
unfit for production use. In this work we describe the design and
implementation of a BFT ordering service for Fabric, employing a new BFT
consensus library. The new library, based on the BFT-Smart protocol and written
in Go, is tailored to the blockchain use-case, yet is general enough to cater
to a wide variety of other uses. We evaluate the new BFT ordering service by
comparing it with the currently supported Raft-based CFT ordering service in
Hyperledger Fabric.

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