This January, Open Whisper Systems will be hosting a Winter Break Of Code. We’ve managed to get access to a
large beachfront house in Kauai for three weeks, and we’re inviting people to join us. If you’re interested in spending
one to three weeks in Hawaii working collaboratively on an Open Source project to make private communication simple, we’ll take
care of your airfare and housing so that you can be there.

Winter Break Of Code is an opportunity for designers, developers, writers, strategists, and creative thinkers interested in privacy
and security to spend some time contributing to privacy-related projects in a retreat-like setting with other co-conspirators.
Think of it as an extended hackathon, but with your travel expenses paid, and with breaks for surfing, hiking, swimming, and
just generally being in Kauai.

Everything that Open Whisper Systems produces is free and Open Source. We’ve been working on apps like
RedPhone, and
for years now, because we believe that it’s possible to develop well-designed
apps that are both privacy-preserving and a joy to use.

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