Winter Break Of Code Day 1

I woke up this morning feeling like this routine was normal, instead of implausible.
Two days ago, I was in New York City, riding the train with millions of other commuters
in the freezing snow. Today, I went surfing on a beach in beautiful Kauai. In the same
absurd fashion, I shared meals, stories, and workspaces with people, who days earlier,
I had only read about and admired from afar. The promises of the Winter Break of Code
seem impossible: a vacation in paradise, large milestones of work to be met, a welcoming
space with talented companions. But when Moxie came into the bedroom this morning strumming
his ukulele to wake us for the daily morning stand-up, up we were, ready to claim the small
victories in the browser extension project, the Signal iOS client, and the Android applications
from the day prior and to lay out plans to further the state of user-friendly secure
communication tools.

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