Created in 2020 by the merger of UOL Diveo and Compasso, Compasso UOL brings more than 40 years of combined B2B IT services expertise to Brazil’s business sector. The company’s partnership with VMware began more than a decade ago, and in 2016 Compasso began offering multi-cloud services with a high-speed connection between public and private clouds in the San Paulo metropolitan area.

Today, Compasso has more than 2,200 employees serving more than 1,300 customers, including 50 of the largest companies in Brazil as well as an impressive roster of international firms.

We recently connected with Rodrigo Rangel Lobo, Engineering and Operations Director at Compasso, to learn more about the company’s growing cloud business. We also took the opportunity to explore the nation’s changing IT landscape and where Compasso’s experts see the cloud’s potential to change how we work.

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