This work examines the vulnerability of multimodal (image + text) models to
adversarial threats similar to those discussed in previous literature on
unimodal (image- or text-only) models. We introduce realistic assumptions of
partial model knowledge and access, and discuss how these assumptions differ
from the standard “black-box”/”white-box” dichotomy common in current
literature on adversarial attacks. Working under various levels of these
“gray-box” assumptions, we develop new attack methodologies unique to
multimodal classification and evaluate them on the Hateful Memes Challenge
classification task. We find that attacking multiple modalities yields stronger
attacks than unimodal attacks alone (inducing errors in up to 73% of cases),
and that the unimodal image attacks on multimodal classifiers we explored were
stronger than character-based text augmentation attacks (inducing errors on
average in 45% and 30% of cases, respectively).

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