Google Bows To EU, Rivals With Android Choice-Screen Tweaks
Google will scrap a fee and add more mobile search apps for users to choose from on new Android phones, bowing to pressure from the European Union and smaller rivals. From a report: The U.S. tech giant will make the changes from September “following further feedback” from the European Commission, it said in a Tuesday blog post. The EU authority said the tweaks were “positive” and addressed a number of complaints by other search companies.

The move may help Google avoid growing criticism over its compliance with the European Commission’s 2018 order to offer more choice to rivals. Google had a stable 97% market share for mobile search in Europe last month, a figure that’s barely budged despite rolling out a “choice screen” to prompt downloads of search alternatives for new phones. DuckDuckGo and others have complained that the choice screen solution isn’t working and an auction model to pick only three apps is “fundamentally flawed.” App providers bid against each other for the slot and pay only if users downloaded a search app.

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