In RISKs 32.69, Martin Ward writes:

>Is it really morally wrong to choose *not* to execute by default every piece
>of code that is handed to you by any web site that you decide to visit?

Of course not. The way I look at is, it's my computer and my Internet
connection, both paid for with my dollars. I have every right to exercise
full control over what bits are downloaded with that connection and what
happens to them after they arrive on my computer. To argue otherwise is
to suggest that it's also morally wrong to leave the room during the
commercial breaks in television programs. If there are copyright or other
considerations the publisher wishes enforce, then they should be at
least nominally negotiated before the content is made available (perhaps
even if it's only a "click here to accept our terms" button). I guess
we're all still waiting for a viable micropayments system.

By admin