In today’s podcast we hear there’s a new catphish out in the wild: meet Mia Ash. WikiLeaks throws shade by dumping UMBRAGE from Vault7. Germany braces for hacking by Russia, China, and Iran—especially by Russia. Google kicks unwelcome intercept tool Lipizzan out of the PlayStore. WhatsApp scammers phish for banking credentials. Business disruption kills small businesses in ransomware attacks, not the ransom itself. Facebook makes a plea for culture change. Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS on allegations the FBI was paying the Geek Squad to ferret out illegal content on computers brought in for service. Neill Feather from SiteLock dispells the notion that small businesses can rely on security by obscurity. And there are enough anti-drone products out there to make Wyle E. Coyote max out his Acme loyalty card.

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