In today’s podcast, we hear that haste may make for, not exactly waste, but at least brazen and ineffectual influence operations. Metadata evidence of Fancy Bears paws in En Marche! emails. Moscow snorts “false flags,” but UK, German, and US officials say the Bears are there and up to no good. ISIS posts another bit of depravity as inspiration. North Korea is thought to be paying for its advanced weapons programs with cyber bank heists. Persirai joins Mirai in the IoT botnet world. The US FCC sustains a DDoS attack. Joe Carrigan from JHU explains the benefits of segmenting your home network. Andrew Blaich from Lookout on finding the Pegasus lawful intercept tool on Android devices. Microsoft patches an RCE flaw in its Malware Protection Engine. SS7 protocol weakness permits defeat of two-factor authentication.

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