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Bug Bounty Training in Bangalore


Bug Bounty training in Bangalore by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is a certification and guidance to those individuals who are willing to flourish in the field of cyber-security. For the past 5 to 6 years ICSS has established itself as the most renowned institution for cyber-security management. By providing extraordinary services and education to its respective clients. Taking this opportunity ICSS has introduced the Bug Bounty Course in Bangalore currently highest in demand by cyber-security professionals. Being one of the most reliable Institutions to gain knowledge and understanding of cyber-security & ethical hacking ICSS has a pool of professional certified ethical hackers who are working as security analysts in different organizations. ICSS is also a reliable partner of HackerU and EC-COUNCIL which will no doubt make ICSS one of the best Bug Bounty training institute in Bangalore.

What is Bug-Bounty?

It is a program organized by several multinationals and tech giants where an individual cyber-security professional will participate and report vulnerabilities (bugs) to an organization in return for getting rewarded with very high compensation. The bugs reported can be the following:

  • Security Exploits
  • Hardware flaws
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Process Issues

The Bug Bounty training in Bangalore by ICSS is completely focused on making an individual absolutely capable of reporting such issues in a given time limit. So that when they face such competition they can easily handle the pressure for that time and come out with flying colors. ICSS is proud to be the highest-rated EC council training partner ICSS also provides practical in-depth offensive hacking classes from penetration testers. Most of the trained individuals lack certain capabilities which they need in a challenging situation. In this case, ICSS is helping in filling the relevant gap which was seen commonly among professionals, through this signature Bug bounty certification in Bangalore.

Bug Bounty Training in Bangalore – ICSS

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Bug Bounty and Bug Crowd
  • Cross-site scripting (Reflected / Persistent /DOM )
    Self XSS to Reflected, Remote File XSS
    attack, XSS attack through File
  • Command Injection /Execution
  • Server Side Request Forgery
  • HTML Injection
  • File Inclusion (LFI /RFI)
  • Directory Traversal
  • Insecure CORS Configuration
  • Source Code Disclosure
  • Missing/insufficient SPF record
  • Script Source Code Disclosure
  • HTTP Parameter Pollution Attack
  • Hostile Subdomain Takeover
  • CRLF Injection
  • Host Header Attack
  • Parameter Tampering
  • URL Redirection / Open Redirection
  • Cross Site Request Forgery Attack
  • SQL Injection – (Advance SQL Injection )
  • File Uploading
  • WAF Bypassing
  • Critical File Found
  • XML External Entity Injection
  • Client Side Template Injection
  • LDAP Injection
  • Documenting & Reporting Vulnerability


Bug Bounty course in Bangalore

Bug Bounty course in Bangalore by Indian cybersecurity solutions will give you the ability to prepare for major bug bounty programs across the world. keeping in mind how bug bounty works students will always get a hands-on experience through practice and guidance from faculties and industry experts. You will learn how to manage security exploits, find vulnerabilities and process issues, and report hardware flaws. This will be done with the help of virtual labs which students will be accessing from their laptops. Information security is a critical domain in any organization, if you have a certification in bug bounty, that single certification will give you astonishing results when different well-known MNC’s will start taking your capabilities very seriously and provide you a job without much hassle. The bug bounty course in India is a test of your passion for ethical hacking and penetration testing where skills where these skills are necessary.

Course Fees:- INR 14,000/- + GST

  • Information gathering
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)
  • Local & Remote file inclusion
  • Information Disclosure
  • Remote Code Execution (RCE)

Being one of the finest cybersecurity solutions providers across India, it’s a massive responsibility for maintaining the quality of the courses, services, and training. Providing top-notch Bug Bounty Course in Bangalore is our goal, and we are pacing towards achieving it rapidly. A certification from ICSS for the compilation of the Bug Bounty Training in India would help you get an extreme edge over other ethical hacking professionals and also establish a career in one of the best firms across India and abroad. Demand for cybersecurity professionals is boosting up regularly, and having the completion certificate bug bounty course would enable you to be a part of the firm’s reputed position. Also, the demand for Bug Bounty Course in Bangalore has risen over time.


Eligibility Criteria

A student with graduation in ( Btech – IT / CSE / EC, BCA, MCA ) should start with Python Programming Course and then can go for CEHv11 course and then can go for specialization on Web Application Security/penetration testing. After which he/she can apply for Bug Bounty Course

A student with graduation in ( Commerce, Arts, etc. other than science) should start with Networking (CCNA) course and hereafter go for the CEHv11 course and then go for a Network security / Penetration testing. After which he/she can apply for Bug Bounty Course

Bug Bounty training institute in Kolkata

If you look for the Best Bug Bounty Training Institute in Bangalore, there is only one institute, namely the Indian Cyber Security Solutions. Many corporate professionals acknowledge our service, and we have been awarded as one of the best Cyber Security Solutions organizations by Silicon India. There are many Bug Bounty Training Institute in Bangalore with a prominent name, but Indian Cyber Security Solutions focuses on cybersecurity domains. Here the trainers teach the students according to the course structure and their test knowledge on each subject regularly.

Bug Bounty Certification is a powerful tool for market an individual for standing out for being the best among others. After completing training from ICSS, you will be 100% capable enough for participating in the bug bounty competition with a holistic approach and get your name listed among one of the topmost ethical hacking individuals The certification in Bug Bounty Course in India from the best Bug Bounty Training Institutions in Bangalore – ICSS is a gateway to a whole new cybersecurity practice where you will be capable of penetrating into complex to complex network and find vulnerabilities within a matter of given time.


How you will be benefited from the Bug Bounty Course of ICSS?

Indian Cyber Security Solutions offers the best Bug Bounty training as it is regarded as the best Bug Bounty Training Institute in Bangalore. ICSS focuses on the in-depth knowledge of the learners through our experts. Therefore, you will able to improve your knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities. At first, you have to think like a hacker to learn ethical hacking. Best Bug Bounty Training Institute in India delivers a 90% practical course by penetration testers who are themselves CEH certified with several bug bounty participation under their belt.

Along with bug bounty Training in Bangalore, we provide placement assistance to the students as we are the Best Bounty Training Institute in Kolkata. 20 + certified ethical hackers will be your trainer for 2 months. Apart from a certification exam conducted by EC- council at the end of the course we make sure you be well prepared at the Best Bug Bounty Training Institute in Kolkata. Cybersecurity professionals will guide you with the best practical knowledge to be a successful Bug Bounty certified professional.

Our training has not only been acknowledged by students, however we have been acknowledged by Silicon India as one of the Top Ten Cyber Security Training Institute in India in 2020. Thus, students as well as recognised education Institutes have trust on our training provided referring it to other students who are poised to become a professional cyber security specialist.


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