Everyone likes something for free. And there is no better place to
go to get free analysis, intelligence and tools than The
on M-Unition. During the past year, we’ve offered
intelligence and analysis on new threat activity, sponsored open
source projects and offered insight on free tools like Redline™,
all of which has been highlighted on our blog.

In case you’ve
missed it, here are some of our most popular posts:

in Malware and Intelligence Analysis: Similar Network Protocols,
Different Backdoors and Threat Groups

In this post, Mandiant’s Intel shares insight on threat
activity. Specifically, two separate APT groups, using two different
backdoors that had very similar networking protocols.
learn what they found.

Release: OWASP Broken Web Applications Project VM Version

Chuck Willis overviews version 1.1 of the Mandiant-sponsored
OWASP Broken
Web Applications Project
Virtual Machine (VM). If you are not
familiar with this open source project, it provides a freely
downloadable VM containing more than 30 web applications with known
or intentional security vulnerabilities. Many people use the VM for
training or self-study to learn about web application security
vulnerabilities, including how to find them, exploit them, and fix
them. It can also be used for other purposes such as testing web
application assessment tools and techniques or understanding
evidence of web application attacks.

to Basics Series: OpenIOC

Will Gibb and a few of his colleagues at Mandiant embark on a
series going back to the basics and looking deeper at OpenIOC – how
we got where we are today, how to make and use IOCs, and the future
of OpenIOC.

Check out related posts here: The History
of OpenIOC
, Back to the
, OpenIOC,
IOC Writer and Other Free Tools.

from Black Hat 2013: Redline, Turbo Talk, and

Sitting poolside at Black Hat USA 2013, Mandiant’s Kristen
Cooper chats with Ted Wilson about Redline
in this latest podcast. Ted leads the development of Redline where
he provides innovative investigative features and capabilities
enabling both the seasoned investigator and those with considerably
less experience to answer the question, “have you been

Industry in the Cyber Targeting Scop

Our intel
team is back again, this time with an eye on the utilities industry.
As part of our incident response and managed defense work, Mandiant
has observed Chinese APT groups exploiting the computer networks of
U.S. utilities enterprises servicing or providing electric power to
U.S. consumers, industry, and government. The most likely targets
for data theft in this industry include smart grid technologies,
water and waste management expertise, and negotiations information
related to existing or pending deals involving Western utilities
companies operating in China.

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