Sometime last month (probably) the CISA Office of Chemical
Security {the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) folks}
published an updated version of the Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT)
Portal User Manual
. The new version is dated March 2021.

DHS stopped putting management of change information in their
CFATS manuals a number of years ago, so we now have to determine what changes
were made by inspection. This is a 131 page manual and I have not done a
line-by-line inspection to determine all of the changes that were made. I did
look at the table of contents and the listing of tables and figures; there were
no changes made there.

In looking closely at a large selection of pages, I only
found one change. On the top of page 58, under the heading of Top-Screen, the
following change was made:

Old – “You may update this survey
at any time after you submitted an initial Top-Screen.”

New – “You may update this survey
after DHS has completed the review of your previous Top-Screen submission.”

This is a minor change in procedure, but it is of no real
practical importance. Both versions of the manual follow that by stating: “The
[Update] button appears only when your facility meets the conditions listed

Facility Security Officers for covered facilities and consultants
working with the facilities on CFATS implementation will need to download a
copy of the new version.

BTW: CISA only lists one of the five CSAT manuals from the CSAT web page
on their Guidance Document web
page. Guess what? It is not this one.

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