i still can’t wrap my head around the fact that today, I was going thru something important and was sleepless the whole day that I accidentally clicked the ‘download’ when a misleading site landed on my browser. I thought it was the same site i used to visit to that’s why i clicked the download part and it was because i needed to download some important stuff in browser app when in fact, i am using duckduckgo for actually quite a long time now.

the moment i realized it was downloaded right in my personal phone, I immediately deleted the red.apk second after and immediately turned off my wifi connection. I was going thru a virus scan minutes after only to find out that it was all over my phone storage again, i deleted it and this time i hope its already nowhere near my personal phone since i never install it in the first place. What bothers me so much is that what if they do already have access in my phone? Deleting it solely for sure wont do any good. Sorry for bothering anyone with my issues, its just that its my first time to experience this ever.

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