The 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study conducted by (ISC)2 found that the number of cybersecurity professionals required to close the cybersecurity skills gap has shrunk from 4.07 million to 3.12 million professionals.  Although this is a step forward, the gap remains significant. Data suggests that employment in the field now needs to grow by approximately 41% in the U.S. and 89% worldwide in order to fill the present talent gap.

One way organizations can close the skills gap is by empowering cybersecurity professionals to expand their skillsets and continue growing beyond their current roles. Organizations should also look to non-traditional candidates that can start a career in cybersecurity regardless of what their previous experience or background is. Both options require continuous learning and professional growth. To further facilitate the transition into a career in cybersecurity and close the skills gap, Fortinet’s NSE Training Institute has created education pathways, which allows individuals to navigate their educational journey from training to careers and helps organizations upskill employees to meet their changing needs. 

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