Visualizing Tech Giants’ Billion-Dollar Acquisitions

In the last 30+ years, the FAMGA tech giants — Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple — have collectively made over 800 acquisitions. Even amid the Covid-19 pandemic, they have continued to write checks. Among this cohort, Apple and Microsoft tie as the most active acquirers since the start of 2020, with 9 acquisitions each.

These acquirers have deep pockets, and some of their biggest checks have been written for high-profile companies such as career platform LinkedIn (acquired by Microsoft for $26.2B), chat app WhatsApp (Facebook, $22B), and video-sharing platform YouTube (Google, $1.7B).

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Not all of these acquisitions have been unqualified successes. Microsoft ultimately wrote off its $7.2B Nokia deal, while Google paid $12.5B for Motorola Mobility (its largest acquisition to date) — only to sell the unit off for a quarter of its acquisition price 2 years later.

Still, other major bets have helped these tech leaders expand into new markets, product lines, and tech horizons.

Using CB Insights M&A data, we made a visual timeline showing every $1B+ acquisition made by a FAMGA company. 

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Visualizing Tech Giants’ Billion-Dollar Acquisitions


  • Collectively, FAMGA has made 32 $1B+ acquisitions.
  • Microsoft has made 12 $1B+ acquisitions, the most among these tech giants, followed by Google, with 8, then Facebook and Amazon, which tie at 5 each. 
  • Apple has the least number of $1B+ acquisitions, with only its $3B acquisition of Beats Electronics and its $1B purchase of Intel’s smartphone modem business
  • Microsoft’s $26.2B LinkedIn acquisition is the largest FAMGA buy, followed by Facebook’s $22B WhatsApp deal and Amazon’s $13.7B purchase of Whole Foods
  • Microsoft’s acquisition of Visio Corporation in 1999 was the first $1B+ acquisition by a FAMGA company. 
  • The most recent billion-dollar FAMGA acquisition was CRM platform Kustomer, acquired by Facebook for $1B in November 2020. 
Tech Giants’ Billion-Dollar Acquisitions By Valuation
Company Acquirer Valuation ($B)
LinkedIn Microsoft 26.2
WhatsApp Facebook 22
Whole Foods Market Amazon 13.7
Motorola Mobility Google 12.5
Skype Microsoft 8.5
ZeniMax Media Microsoft 7.5
GitHub Microsoft 7.5
Nokia – Devices & Services Business Microsoft 7.2
aQuantive Microsoft 6.3
Nest Labs Google 3.2
DoubleClick Google 3.1
Beats Electronics Apple 3
Looker Google 2.6
Mojang Studios Microsoft 2.5
Fitbit Google 2.1
Oculus VR Facebook 2
Youtube Google 1.7
Visio Corporation Microsoft 1.4
Affirmed Networks Microsoft 1.4
Navision Microsoft 1.3
Zoox Amazon 1.3
Yammer Microsoft 1.2
Zappos Amazon 1.2
Fast Search & Transfer Microsoft 1.2
Waze Google 1.2
HTC – Pixel Smartphone Division Google 1.1
Kustomer Facebook 1
CTRL-labs Facebook 1
Intel – Smartphone Modem Business Apple 1
PillPack Amazon 1
Ring Amazon 1
Instagram Facebook 1

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