Inside the IRS: The department is charged with the stimulus and tax season
is barely hanging on
*The Washington Post*

The IRS is contending with those challenges while navigating a depleted
workforce and years of underfunding. Congress has cut the agency's annual
appropriation by 20 percent since 2010, chipping away at workplace morale
and expertise.

The reduction of human capital—the IRS's most valuable resources, experts
say—risks further running the agency aground in 2021. More than 21,000
full-time employees left the agency between 2010 and 2019, including many of
its most skilled and tenured professionals. As part of sustained budget cuts
pushed by congressional Republicans upset over perceived bias within the
agency, the IRS spent years cutting back on training, too, Reardon said,
making it harder to adjust to an already hectic year.

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Starve the IRS, then create chaos for it. What could go wrong...

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