Hello! I was installing an abandonware (The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection) on my PC (did a lot of research on It, talked to a lot of péople who downloaded It to see If It was actually safe), and one of the files I need for It to work was blocked by Avast, with “IDP.generic”. I did some research on It and discovered they usually are cases of false positives. I was going to VirusTotal to scan It, then when I was going to choose the file, I executed It and It was blocked by Avast again: this time It told me the file was trying to delete or edit a .txt from a private folder. This is what I got from VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0111ccc16f8e1237b726952d78b99da643ba29d2ed4827e4b0df9f700a952ab4/detection
Can you guys give me a feedback? Do you think It’s a false positive?

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