Have I been hacked?

I have made a mistake that only a middle aged woman could make. I received a Facebook message from a friend who hasn’t messaged me in a while with a video saying ‘Look what I found’. You’d think this would be enough for me to catch on right away but I didn’t, as I panicked thinking that they’d found a cringey YouTube video of me of when I was younger. I clicked on the video but Facebook wanted me to log in. I had seen similar things happen before so I entered my password (which was wrong anyway) and my phone number (not my email address). As soon as I put them in I started to realise what I’d done. It said something about a VPN and I denied it and shut it all off. Even though the password I put in was wrong I changed my Facebook password and the passwords for a lot of other social media apps. Is this anything I need to worry about? People have assured me that they can’t get anything from a wrong password and a phone number, but my anxiety is up to the ceiling. I have checked the VPN on my phone settings but it is turned off.

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