Spotify Plans For Podcast Subscriptions, a la carte Payments
Spotify again signaled its interest in developing new ways to monetize its investments in podcasts. From a report: In the company’s fourth-quarter earnings, chief executive Daniel Ek suggested the streaming media company foresees a future where there will be multiple business models for podcasts, including, potentially, both ad-supported subscriptions and a la carte options. We understand Spotify’s plans for these expanded monetization models around podcasts could be introduced in some capacity later this month at its forthcoming “Stream On” livestream event. The company revealed during earnings its podcast catalog has grown to now 2.2 million programs, said itâ(TM)s seen increasing demand for the audio format in recent months. For example, 25% of Spotify’s monthly active users now engage with podcasts, up from 22% just last quarter. Podcast consumption is also increasing, with listening hours having nearly doubled year-over-year in the fourth quarter.

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