This week the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security
Agency (CISA) updated
their Chemical Security Summit web site to include
to most of the presentations that were made last month in the
three-day virtual summit. For the first time, I was able to watch many of these
presentations live (well… online in real time).

The available presentations include:

CFATS Personnel Surety Program Demonstration and Lessons

CFATS Risk-Based Performance Standards Deep Dive and Best

Chemical Sector Security Awareness Training,

and Physical Security in Manufacturing Environments

Evaluation Tool (CSET)

Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Response: Hurricanes, Wildfires, Floods, and

Facility Security: A Nonregulatory Approach

Jack Rabbit III Initiatives, and

Transportation Security Administration Surface Operations

As is usual with these Summit presentations, what you get is
the slides not the audio portion and the real detail of most of these
presentations is in the audio. I know, those audio files would be huge, but it
would be much more informative and a better representation of the work that
went into these presentations.

I was really surprised that CISA included Annie Hunziker
Boyer’s presentation on the ongoing development of the voluntary chemical
security program in the Infrastructure Security Compliance Division. Since she
emphasized multiple times that this program was still ‘under development’ and
would likely change before it was finally implemented, I was sure that the
government lawyers were going to insist that the publication of these slides be
withheld. Now that these slides are available, I will probably do a post on this

I was disappointed that one of the other presentations from
the December 16th session was not included in this list of provided
presentations, “Infrastructure Visualization Tools”. This presentation by the CISA
Infrastructure Visualization Platform (IVP) Team was a good look at a new tool
developed by the team to provide an interactive visual look at an infrastructure
location; think Google Street View® that includes inside the gates with interior
shots. This would be a great training tool for emergency personnel prepping for
high-risk facility responses.

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