Through the Eyes of a Cybersecurity CEO: Trends For 2021


Advice for Executives to Watch Next Year

2020 completely changed the way workforces operate. Digital transformation went from an emerging trend to a necessity for survival. Certain industries were brought to their knees: some didn’t make it, while others thrived. One of those industries that thrived was cyber crime.

As millions scrambled and were hastily deployed to work-from-home environments, organized crime, nation- states, and amateur hackers alike exploited the weaknesses. The arms race was already lopsided – the sophistication of malicious actors had accelerated even before COVID-19 struck; however, the location scramble of the Spring of 2020 exposed flaws that hackers took advantage of. ZDNet covers the worst attacks and flaws here. You can see they range from accidental data exposures (Virgin Media, Whisper) to malware infestations (UCSF, Blackbaud, Carnival), culminating with the attacks on FireEye & SolarWinds.

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