Differential privacy is a rigorous mathematical framework for evaluating and
protecting data privacy. In most existing studies, there is a vulnerable
assumption that records in a dataset are independent when differential privacy
is applied. However, in real-world datasets, records are likely to be
correlated, which may lead to unexpected data leakage. In this survey, we
investigate the issue of privacy loss due to data correlation under
differential privacy models. Roughly, we classify existing literature into
three lines: 1) using parameters to describe data correlation in differential
privacy, 2) using models to describe data correlation in differential privacy,
and 3) describing data correlation based on the framework of Pufferfish.
Firstly, a detailed example is given to illustrate the issue of privacy leakage
on correlated data in real scenes. Then our main work is to analyze and compare
these methods, and evaluate situations that these diverse studies are applied.
Finally, we propose some future challenges on correlated differential privacy.

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